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Design, Design, Design:

When creating your container garden, keep a few simple design concepts in mind:

  • Odd numbers(of plants in the container or in container groupings) are more pleasing to the eye
  • Have fun - create an Unforgettable Piece of Garden Art.
  • Containers should have a Thriller, Chiller and Spiller
  • Thriller: typically a large and showy plant
  • Chiller: a plant that is less dramatic and is used more to fill the space, but is compatible
  • Spiller: a plant that will trail over the side of the container
  • Reds, yellows and oranges are eye-catching
  • Blues and purples tend to blend and do not stand out as much
  • Play with plant textures, too
  • Go ahead - put herbs and or vegetables with flowers if you like - just be sure the container gets at least six hours of sun daily if you do.
  • Put perennials in your containers if you like - just remember to place them in the ground once the fall comes as they usually don't survive through the winter in a container.

More Container Gardening Ideas and some Websites, too!

If you would like to make your own container garden, here are some steps to take:

  • Choose a container - as long as you have a hole for drainage, there are countless options!
  • Purchase soil mix(can be with fertilizer and/or moisture pellets if you would like)
  • Purchase plants(you can plant them close together to fill the container when you create it - have fun, pick plants you love)
  • Put soil mix into container up to within about one to two inches of the top.
  • Dig a hole just a little larger than the plant you'll be placing in the container. Start with planting your large plants and fill in with small ones.  The top of the soil in the plant should be even with the top of the soil in the container. 
  • After the plants are in, gently tap the soil down around the plant.
  • Water your container well, put it in the appropriate spot according to the light needs of the plants, and you're ready to go!